Working the Web: Why Personal Trainers Can Benefit From Having an Effective Website

Success demands investment. As a personal trainer; you know this for a fact: developing muscles and improving one’s fitness level requires dedication. You need to devote time and effort (and money) to achieve peak physical condition.

Creating a successful fitness business is more or less the same thing: you need to put in the work to do your market research, learn how to oversee and manage a business, prepare yourself for the task of securing venture capital, and look for a proper business venue. Then; when you’ve done that, you need to promote and market yourself; letting your potential customers know that you can help them achieve their fitness goals. Time was when personal trainers acquired their customers from word-of-mouth, handing out flyers, and advertising on radio and TV: a very daunting (and expensive) task; with no guarantee of immediate success.

Times have changed. The power of the internet has unlocked near-limitless potential for business promotion to a global market. The tool of choice: the website. Businesses large and small rely on websites to reach their target audience and raise awareness and desirability for their product or service. But as a fitness person; you may not immediately see the need to create your own website to promote yourself. Your EMarketing Concepts team is here to show you the potential benefits of having an effective website for your fitness business.

Reach more potential customers cost-effectively – This is a no-brainer. The internet is the easiest way to reach more people. Marketing and promoting your business online allows you to cast a wider net to attract more potential clients than by using conventional advertising media (print, TV, and radio) alone. If you know how expensive it is to buy airtime on radio and TV, to print brochures and flyers, or to buy ad space from newspapers and magazines; then you will appreciate the fact that online marketing is a considerably cheaper option.

Make it easier for them to find you – Since people search for most of their products and services online these days, you’ll want to make your presence felt on the internet using a website so that they can find your fitness business 24/7, and 365 days a year. Using Proper Search Engine Optimization (SEO) techniques, people will be able find your website quickly and easily from among the thousands of competing sites on the web. Adding online services and an online store means that they can sign up for classes, make use of your fitness services, and buy products and merchandise from you even when your physical gym is closed.

Distinguish yourself from the rest of the pack – A well-designed website with effective copy text plus a unique logo, color scheme, and media (images, videos, sounds, and music) can provide potential customers and clients with a unique and memorable browsing experience; as well as trigger instant recall of your fitness business’ brand and identity; setting it apart from the glut of similar businesses out there. Use your website to curate your business’ image, and present your best face to the world.

Instantly interact and share experiences, knowledge, and feedback with your clients and customer base – By integrating social media with your website in the form of blogs, social media posts, streaming video, and shared pictures; you can provide your customers with a way to interact with you: let them like, follow, post, and share their experiences and photos, give them some of your fitness knowledge and exercise tips via online videos and blog posts, and generate more clients by offering an e-book for visitors’ e-mail addresses and convert them from mere site guests to customers. Get them to tell you what you’re doing right, what you need to work on, and what they want you to offer them so that they will never turn to anyone else for their fitness needs. The more online buzz your customers generate for you, the more your customer base (and online fame) grows.

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