Why Aren’t Your Flyers Effective?


It’s hard to imagine growing an online presence in 2016 using flyer’s and print media. This medium has had a stigma of not being very effective, especially over online marketing. But consultants will agree that having a successful flyer is just a matter of utilizing the right tactics.


One reason why your usage in flyers isn’t effective is because you are targeting the wrong people in distribution. If you are selling a sports shampoo marketed towards fit, athletic people, then those are the people you should be handing out flyers to.
Another reason why your ROI on flyer’s is low is because of the quality of the flyer’s. It is fundamentally a tactile experience so the quality of them reflects that of your product or service. Make sure your copy is well drafted, your design is sharp, and the flyer itself durable and nice to the touch.
Flyers can still be effective in bolstering your online presence for two reasons: people still like having something solid to hold on to and to save on their desks and it’s efficient because YOU choose who receives a flyer. For more tips and information like this, check out our previous post which teaches you how to make sure your customers don’t tire of you.