Three Quick Tips for Hyperlocal Marketing

As of late; one of the marketing buzzwords that have been making a lot of traction is Hyperlocal Marketing. It is a specialized form of targeted and niche marketing. Hyperlocal Marketing can be used to target a specific radius or area, a specific city, and the potential customers and clients within that city.

National and even global marketing campaigns can be quite daunting due to the effort and expense that they usually entail. In contrast, hyperlocal marketing is less daunting and more cost-effective; especially from the perspective of small business owners who are more reluctant to spend a large chunk of their budget solely on advertising and marketing. Moreover; since the target area is small and localized, the effort required in implementing, personalizing, and measuring the potency of the campaign is considerably less than what would be required for a full-blown marketing blitz.

Another compelling reason to engage in hyperlocal marketing is the current rise in popularity of the “near me” search. Search engines are now seeing more internet users employ these localized searches to find products and services in their immediate area. One of the primary purposes of hyperlocal marketing is to drive foot traffic towards physical stores, restaurants, and other establishments so as to be able to capitalize on these “near me” searches that are driven by commercial intent.

If you’re a business owner; especially a small business owner, then hyperlocal marketing may be a good way for you to be able to improve your advertising results. Here are some simple-but-effective hyperlocal marketing strategies to try:

Tweak your marketing campaign to suit your target localized area – The first order of marketing is to know your target audience or market: their age, their demographics, their lifestyle, their location, and so on. Reflect on whether your offerings are actually suited to their unique needs, wants, and tastes. Be sure to take into account that statistical data is better than making guesses and assumptions about your target localized market; and that an individual who is familiar with and understands the target area can provide important insights that can positively inform your marketing campaign.

Improve your search results by optimizing your Google™ My Business Page – The Google™ My Business Page is where the search engine sources information that is displayed during users’ local searches and Google™ Map results. To make sure that you maximize your search visibility; you need to have complete and comprehensive information in your My Business Page listing. Be sure to include your complete physical address, category, and contact information. While you’re at; include other important pieces of information such as opening and closing times, peak hours, and high-resolution images of your product or establishment.

Encourage customers and clients to write reviews – Before hyperlocal marketing was a thing; there was “word of mouth” marketing: an effective way to advertise and market your product, service, or establishment. Customers would tell their friends and loved ones about the quality of their experience; and this would either help promote your business or dissuade people from visiting you. These days, customer reviews are the new word-of-mouth; and most people will check out these online reviews before physically showing up to the actual venue. Customer reviews are considered as one of the most important ranking signals for Local SEO. This is why you should encourage your customers to leave a review: not in a hard-sell way of course, but in a friendly, encouraging way.

Hyperlocal Marketing may seem like a counterintuitive measure for attracting and gaining customers. But if done right; it could be a highly-effective tool for growing your business and driving your Return on Investment; as well as improving your market visibility and your localized client base. What’s more, your local customers will feel more connected to your advertisements and respond to them better.

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