The Significance of a Quality Homepage

Create an Appealing Store Front

The homepage of your website is a lot like the online version of the front of your store. You have signage that indicates what you sell, you have products on display in the store window, and a door that leads inside to the rest of your goods and/or service. When your homepage is optimized, your whole site benefits – and for that matter, your whole business. Consumers today are inundated with countless advertisements, links, blogs, videos, and things to check out that having a standout, marketable website is crucial for success.


One of the keys to a well-rounded website is striking the balance between your images and content. A website overly laden with images plagues customers a lack of direction. They are left to determine what you sell, how, and maybe even to whom. On the flip side, a website that is heavy with copy will bore potential customers, and overload them with information. The goal should be to draw in potential customers, and then keep them there by effortlessly blending your images with flawless content writing.


Think of the metaphor we referenced earlier: A clean storefront will feature your company name with a design scheme and color palate hand-selected to maximize your brand. Keep your website fresh, just like you would keep your store fresh – advertise events, new products, updated services, and any promotions you are currently pushing. It would also be helpful to have your latest blog post prominently displayed, so that new visitors and old visitors alike can immediately gain a better understanding of what you do. Your website should reflect the same theme of your brick-and-mortar store. In many ways it is an extension of the business, imitating the format, fonts, layout, and general feel of your store.


Yet another crucial element in generating a quality homepage is making it easily navigable. Put your biggest sellers up front, and discuss the main services you provide. If you are selling many products, you might consider adding a shopping cart function. Place your social media badges in a prominent position, without being too intrusive. Stick to what you are known for. Many businesses these days perform a variety of functions for their clientele, and even expand to add goods or services if they determine the market is there. However, you want to avoid clutter on your homepage. While a healthy amount of written copy and product description is necessary, overdoing it can really make your website an eyesore.


When the aforementioned changes are made to your website, you will slowly but surely begin to see an improvement. The success is measurable in two ways: your search engine rankings and your sales. On the human level, making these alterations to your website will help encourage more business. Plus, adding content and optimizing your homepage is regarded highly by search engines. If you would like to step up your online game, and take your website to the next level, contact the experts. The web development team at E Marketing Concepts is armed with a collection of savvy tech gurus and writing pros that can take your website to the upper echelons of the search engine world.