Social Engagement: Using Your Social Media Platforms to Connect with Customers

Customer Engagement

One advice given to business owners is to engage with their customers but it is advice that is easier said than done. Often times, business owners are at a loss as to how to reach out to their client base. Luckily for them, social media has made it much easier to interact with their clientele.


Learning What Your Customers Want 

Customers enjoy going to various social media platforms to let businesses know what they like -and what they dislike- about your business. Check the comment sections on FaceBook and mentions on Twitter to find out what products and services are winning clients over.

Reply to your comments and mentions, even if it is a simple click of the “Like” button. It adds a personal touch that will please your audience and shows you are paying attention.

Start a Conversation

Initiate the conversation by asking questions on your social media. The questions will depend on your industry but generally you want them to be open-ended, relevant to your business, while being positive.

Don’t Avoid the Criticism

When you open up your business to a public forum, there is the chance that you will receive less than stellar comments. Do not shy away from negative feedback. Reply to the customers comment or message to resolve the issue. This shows your clients that you care about their opinions.

Not all business owners have the time to keep track of all their social media accounts. Our social media experts can get the job done for you. Contact eMarketing Concepts today for help with your social media engagement.