Should You be Using PPC Advertising?

eMarketing Concepts understands good marketing plans start with a vision and a goal. We work with you to discover which tactical marketing approaches work best for your specific business. While every website can benefit from search engine optimization, some businesses may want to focus on social media efforts, while others may benefit more from pay per click advertising (PPC).

PPC advertising is a model of online marketing in which advertisers only a pay fee whenever one of their ads are clicked. Users who click these ads are directed to your website and are considered “bought” views instead of “organic” views. When it works, it works really well. However, not every business is suited for a PPC strategy.

Businesses that can benefit the most are usually businesses that:

Have High Customer Lifetime Values – Some businesses can afford to spend a lot to acquire new leads because the customers’ lifetime value is so high. For example, when a dentist acquires a new patient, they can expect that patient to spend thousands over the following years. Businesses with recurring services, like doctors or cable companies, can benefit from PPC advertisements as customers tend to stick with the first business they choose.

Sell Hard to Find Products – Online retailers, especially those who sell hard to find products, can also greatly benefit from PPC advertising. PPC provides comparable statistics to traditional direct-response marketing, so many retailers are already comfortable with the strategy. Additionally, people searching for unusual products online already know Walmart doesn’t carry what they’re looking for, so they’re open to checking out new websites that they know do carry what they’ve been searching for.

Target Local Customers – PPC is faster to implement than SEO so it can help increase your income until your SEO has a chance to take effect. PPC can also provide additional sources of revenue and referrals for sites that already have great rankings. Studies show PPC helps augment SEO, and you can set up PPC ads to only target and appear for people in your city.

Are Seasonal or Event-Based – PPC is great for attracting customers who are in a rush and looking to buy something fast. Florists, for examples, often see big results with PPC advertisements because people don’t send flowers that often, and when they do they’re usually searching at the last minute and will buy from the first place they find that sells nice looking flowers. Halloween stores, gift basket businesses and most other seasonal and event-based businesses can gain a lot from a PPC strategy.

So how do you get started?

eMarketing Concepts is ready and waiting to answer your questions about PPC and to serve you with PPC Management so you can gain new visitors and increase your business fast. We excel at delivering PPC campaigns that deliver ROI to your business. Give us a call today to learn what a PPC campaign could do for you!