Social Media Organic

Social media organic is a great way to build awareness of your brand, get customers interested in your company, and ultimately drive more sales!

At EMC, we understand the importance of a balanced social media marketing strategy – a mix of paid content such as ads and promoted posts with “organic” or unpaid content such as free posts, photos, memes, and videos. Organic content is the kind of content that gets shared every day by the billions of people using Facebook and other social media platforms.

Benefits of Social Media Organic

EMC will create a social media organic campaign designed to reach the ultimate targeted audience – your own followers! People who have already shown their interest in your brand by following you on social media are the most targeted audience possible and building a relationship with them is a great way to keep them interested.

If your followers love the content you share, they can share it to their own feeds and extend its reach to countless other people. You can also reach even more people by including hashtags in your posts – which will then be visible to anyone following those hashtags.

Building a Relationship with Your Customers

The purpose of social media organic is to build an ongoing relationship with your customers, a personal connection that leads them to identify with your brand. This allows you to give your brand a voice and a personality all its own, to entertain or inspire people with the content you share, and to engage with people when they like, share, or comment on your posts. EMC knows how to create social media organic content that builds a real connection with the public!

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