Social Media Management

With 3.6 billion users worldwide, the importance of social media is undeniable – but most businesses are failing to get the results they need.

Too many businesses see social media as a poor investment – yet marketing on the right platforms can generate incredible results when applied effectively. At EMC, we understand how to manage a social media campaign to generate customer engagement, increase conversion rates, and produce sales for your business!

In fact, 59% of customers prefer to buy products from brands they know. How do you become a sought-after brand with endless sales and raving fans? By identifying your promise to a customer or client. The challenge is communicating a clear and cohesive message.

Social Media Management Services

1.82 billion people use Facebook every single day, and 2.7 billion use it every month.

78% of all American consumers say they’ve discovered a new product on Facebook and purchased it. 17% of Facebook users say that the reason they joined the site was to follow companies and brands they were interested in.

Social media users are interested in buying products, and many of them are specifically interested in following companies or brands. You can generate real interest in your business over social media platforms – and most importantly, you can use them effectively to sell your products and services!

At EMC, we will work with you to develop social media management campaigns that achieve and exceed your goals for customer engagement, conversion rates, and sales.

Building Customer Engagement

Engagement is the name of the game!

EMC will help you to build up a consistent and authentic brand message that people will trust and want to engage with. While many businesses have built social media profiles, most have failed to arouse interest, secure customer engagement, and motivate customers to take action. EMC will make sure your company page gets found, and that your potential customers sit up, pay attention, and interact with likes, shares, and follows!

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