Pinterest 101: How to Make the Rising Star of Social Media Work for You

The Essentials of Pinterest Management

The latest social media platform used by companies today is also the fastest growing one. Since its inception in March 2010, Pinterest has proven to be a veritable juggernaut in the world of social media. In September of 2014, Pew Research Center did a study on usage across the five most popular social media platforms. The study demonstrated that Pinterest usage is growing faster than any other social media platform, equaling the number of users on LinkedIn with a cool 28 million. While it continues to trail the overwhelming leader, Facebook (with an estimated 71 million users), the rapid expansion of its membership spells good things for businesses seeking to take full advantage of the opportunities that Pinterest has to offer.


Although it is true that any small business can benefit from a presence on Pinterest, there are a handful of types of businesses that absolutely must have a Pinterest for Business account and be active with it:

  • Home Improvement or DIY
  • Media
  • Fashion
  • Beauty
  • Home Décor
  • Food/Restaurant
  • Wedding Industry
  • Travel
  • Electronics/Technology
  • Shopping

Businesses large and small can greatly benefit from Pinterest – in fact, according to a study performed by SimplyMeasured, 69 of the world’s top brands are on Pinterest. At eMarketing Concepts, our packages are designed to help companies of any size or industry. Our starter package  includes 450+ Pins, 150+ RePins, 150+ Likes and 150+ followers every month, plus daily posting and daily outreach.


At this point you may be wondering: just how do I make sales off of Pinterest?

The answer is three-fold:

  • generate organic traffic
  • e-commerce platform
  • visual imagery attached to your brand

First and foremost, Pinterest provides another avenue for customers to discover your website. Consumers can find your brand through your meticulously displayed products. In this vein, high quality images reign supreme – rather than focusing on text or video like other platforms, Pinterest engages paying customers with attractive visual displays with simple descriptions.

An example of a well-composed Pin. The company name is prominently

displayed, there is a Holiday tie-in that resonates with customers, and the


picture is positively bursting with color.

Emc Pinterest 2


This brings us to its utility as an e-commerce platform. Pins with price tags included get 36% more likes than those that don’t, underscoring the significance of Pinterest as an e-commerce platform. Essentially Pinterest is the gateway for customers to window-shop, and when they are truly interested, they click through to your website to buy. Ultimately, your ability to produce a visually appealing picture will determine how successful your Pinterest account is at drawing in new business. Every image you use should imbue your brand into the minds of consumers, and enrich the impression they have of your company.

Another example of a well-crafted Pin. The food catches the viewer’s attention, and the description is short, simple, and to the point. The consumer is also given a link to click on where they can see related items, which is key.

emc pinterest 3


At eMarketing Concepts, the benefits of Pinterest are well-understood by our Director of Social Media Optimization (SMO), Shay Alkoby. He commented on the viability of Pinterest in the business world today,

“Pinterest has proven itself to be an elite direct response traffic driver. It provides a direct route for consumers, a path wherein they are a double-click away from the buy-now page of that exact item. At its essence, Pinterest is an e-commerce platform in a social disguise. It drives true residuals, which allows businesses to continuously reap benefits from their previous efforts on the platform.”

One of our foremost experts on the ins and outs of Pinterest, Shelley Buyco serves as the Pinterest Department Project Manager. She describes the influential social media platform,

“Pinterest is ideal for businesses looking to increase organic traffic to the business website. It serves as a great platform for businesses because it highlights products while being able to bring an organic targeted audience – all to expose a brand. Pinterest functions as a highly effective, productive source for referral traffic.”

Here you can see an example of one our current clients, with a breakdown of the progress of their Pinterest campaign four months in.