How to Get Started with Social Media Marketing

It’s no secret social media can do wonders for your organization, when used properly and often. The hardest part? Getting started. We’ve come up with some tips to help you setup your social media presence and start interacting with customers and the world.

  1. Start Slow – There are several major social media sites available to utilize. Start by mastering one or two networks – including grasping the basics like filling out your profile information, posting quality pictures and posting quality content – and learn how to best connect with your audience online. When do you expand to more social media networks, you can find out which networks your audience prefers and put most of your efforts into those sites.
  2. Follow Others – While your main goal when using social media may be to increase traffic to your site or improve your reputation, there is more to social media than sharing coupons and deals. Interacting and engaging with others is really what social media is all about. You can start by following people you know, including current customers, anyone who follows you, and industry influencers or even others with common interests.
  3. Create Relevant, Quality Content – In order to create content that you audience is interested in, you have to pay attention to what is currently happening online. Interests change fast, and if you don’t take the time to listen to your customers, you can easily lose touch with them. Join in discussions and read industry influencer’s content before you begin to create your own content to share.

Once you start gaining followers (or more likes, etc.) and your posts become more shared, you begin to open up more and more entry points for search engines to find your site. So, not only does social media help you improve your reputation and connect with customers, but it also helps results in your SEO campaign.

The key to using social media is creating original, quality content, and not being afraid to change as your audience’s interests and network preferences change. Join in conversations that you can add to, and monitor your brand reputation so you can combat rumors and bad reviews immediately.

Staying up to date on social media hot topics and network changes, and posting regular, quality original content, can end up taking up more time than many business owners or managers have. That’s why there are social media and SEO experts who do just that for a living. If you need help creating social media pages, keeping up with your social media posts or blogs, or even if you want to optimize your entire website, look no further than eMarketing Concepts for all your SEO, social media and web development needs.