How to Generate Engaging Social Media Posts

Not Sure How To Do It? We Can Help

In continuation of our previous blog, we are examining the method to the madness that is social media. Our goal is help you create better, more engaging content. The ultimate goal of your social media platforms and campaign varies from company to company, but there are common goals that extend to all industries. These goals include: increasing your customer base, building awareness of your brand, engaging with your community, and adding to your overall sales.


The call to action is a type of social media post that businesses of every industry can utilize to great effect. Fortunately, there are multiple types of calls to action, each with a different aim. Your social media post could be a call to action to encourage engagement, drive the reader to other content, increase signups or lead capture, nurture leads, or for sales! Engagement can manifest itself as simply as a funny Friday picture asking your followers to “caption this.” A perfect example of a call to action we have been cultivating lately is our fast-approaching Google webinar, on April 16th at 10:30 AM PST. This event serves as a chance for business owners and individuals alike to participate in a webinar event on “How to Maximize Your Sales.” Be sure to RSVP to this special opportunity to ask both us and Google all your burning questions.


Many of our clients are surprised when the humor we use in social media posts gets a healthy amount of attention. This is especially true in trades that might not typically be associated with humor. A clever joke, a crafty meme, or simply a chuckle-inducing photo can really make a splash with your audience, and draw potential customers to your company. Humor can be a great way to catch the eye of people who may not otherwise see your post. If just one of your followers shares your photo, or your joke, all of their friends are now privy to the post showing up in their feed. More often than not, after an initial appreciation of the joke, they will want to see what else you have up your sleeve, and click through to see your page.


Ultimately, when done correctly your social media content will help your customers to see you as a business they can trust. The goal should be to establish yourself as the expert in your field. Part of doing this successfully is responding to clients swiftly and comprehensively. Once you can demonstrate your expertise, customers will flock to you for everything within your industry – updates in your field, news, and the latest advancements in technology as well as current trends.


The world of social media is an ever-evolving one, and one that can pay dividends when navigated intelligently. A great example of a recent trend is the emersion of video, which has been increasing in popularity on social media at a rapid rate. The statistics support that videos will be very important moving forward as a means to engage customers. A reality of the social media realm is that a large majority of business owners simply do not have the time to properly cultivate their social media platforms. There are a myriad of other elements of owning a company that demand a business owner’s attention that their social media presence can easily fall by the wayside. If you wish to learn how social media can improve your business and grow your customer base, consult the social media gurus at eMarketing Concepts. We can help transform your online presence: everything from enhancing your website to creating engaging social media posts, and developing great blogs too! Visit us today to receive a free consultation!