How to Generate Engaging Social Media Posts

Social Media Optimization

The social media landscape can be a difficult one to traverse. As a business owner, especially, it can be difficult to sift through the haze of insightful links, funny memes, viral videos, and popular pictures making the rounds on the internet. How do you engage your audience? How you do you increase your audience? And just what constitutes a good social media post? We are here to help. Allow us to dissect some of the finer points of the social media universe.


Making a splash on social media requires careful consideration of the demographics you are targeting. If you are a clothing store, image-based platforms are going to be ideal for your business. The same is true for food companies, who can share posts that include new products, ideas for recipes, and styles for presentation. Think Instagram, Pinterest, and craft Facebook posts that are rich in imagery. A real estate agent might consider places of interest in your region or town, and highlight unique and fun things happening there in the near future.


Talk about something good happening at your business. Maybe you have changed locations, honored an employee with an award, launched a new product, or have an upcoming event you want to advertise. These kinds of posts are essential in the social media world, and you will turn to them time and time again to build your brand awareness.


This kind of post includes things like a news story that is related to your industry. Perhaps there is a new law that has been proposed, or an election that will change the future of a region. Ask your followers what they think. This is a great opportunity to demonstrate that you care about their opinions, and who knows? You might just engage with someone interesting or catch the eye of a customer you normally would not have attracted.


In our experience, we have come across many business owners that refuse to go for the humor angle. But good jokes or bad – showing you have a sense of humor, when in good taste, can be very beneficial.


The beauty of posting a link on your social media is that it is perfect for business owners constantly on the move. Finding a link to something your customers might find interesting can take just a few minutes, but be huge for you in the long run.


In the end, you know your audience better than anyone, and even if you don’t, experiment! Try posts that engage customers on an intellectual level, share pictures, and post links to videos. You can learn so much by posting something out of the box, out of the norm. To learn more about how social media can improve your business and grow your customer base, visit the social media gurus at eMarketing Concepts. We can help transform your online presence, everything from your website to your social media posts, and creating engaging blogs too! Visit us today and receive a free consultation!