How to Create Quality Web Content

Quality content both brings in customers and keeps them around. It helps not only SEO, but your conversion rates and your overall image. Businesses and organizations that share quality content understand that readers need to be engaged, or else they’ll click the back button and quickly find another site with better information.

Attracting Your Audience

When sharing content on social media, your goal should be to build a base and spread your name, not to specifically sell products or services. One of the most common complaints about following a brand or business is that the social media updates/posts are too salesy. Share original, interesting and informative content and your audience will appreciate it.

Another common complaint is poor spelling and grammar. Even small mistakes can give customers a less favorable opinion of your business or organization.

Supplement with Images, Video and other Media

Even if your website is home to literally the best written page on the internet, people don’t want to sit and read a wall of text. Studies show visual content outperforms text-only content in terms of attracting links, shares, time spent on the page and engagement. Break up your content with pictures, videos, infographics, interactives and other media, but make sure it’s relevant and supports the content.

While search engines do desire a lot of content, the number of mobile users is constantly increasing, and those on mobile devices prefer short, succinct content. So, when creating content, focus on your main goal: if you need to rank higher in search engine results, go for longer content. If you want your content to be shared widely, focus on shorter content with bullet points, lists and links to more information.

Format Your Page and Content Properly

High quality content is as easy to read as it is engaging. Today, readers want to skim and scan until they find something of particular importance to them. If readers can’t scan, they often won’t even attempt to dig into your content.

Additionally, search engines can now detect page and content layout. Poor formatting can actually be penalized, so it’s important you utilize headers, short paragraphs, lists, bullet points and white space wisely.

Ensure Your Content Provides Value

While the internet loves cats, sharing nothing but cat videos and cat facts won’t do much for your business. Your original content should help solve a problem, answer a question, provide entertainment or provide some unique insight. While search engines still can’t comprehend content like humans and may not penalize your search engine rankings for pointless content, your readers will.

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