What is Search Engine Optimization (SEO)?

Search engine optimization is the process of helping a website move towards the top of the rankings for searches for specific keywords or phrases. It usually involves selecting keywords for which a business can be competitive and working those words into a variety of different places on a website. It also involves link building to build a good reputation in the search engines.

I have a website already, isn't that enough?

Websites usually do not arrive at the top of a search by chance. A lot of thought is put into how they will get there. Websites need to show to the search engines that they are both relevant and helpful for customers. With just a website and no optimization to be able to compete in the search engines, the chances of getting found are very low.

What is pay per click (PPC)?

Pay per click or PPC is a type of advertising where your advertisements are shown on a page, but you do not pay for that unless a customer actually clicks on your advertisement to go through to your website. Google AdWords is an example of a pay per click advertising system.

Why would I pay eMarketing Concepts to do PPC for me when I can use Google AdWords myself?

We help customers with PPC campaigns every day. It is a core competence and we can navigate the system efficiently to get excellent results for customers. We find that without help businesses often end up taking a costly trial and error approach that can take months to yield any real success.

How much do your services cost?

We have some set packages for different types of business for services like SEO. For other services every customer’s situation is unique so we work to understand your business needs and provide a quote based on those.

Why should I choose eMarketing Concepts for hosting services?

We offer different types of services to suit different business needs. Some businesses require their own server, while others benefit from the cost effective solution of sharing a server with other clients. We think that you will find our services to be very competitive for the flexibility offered. You can also save on the costs and fuss of having your own server in-house, allowing you to focus on what you do best: your core business.

What should I look for when selecting hosting services?

One of the most important factors to consider when selecting hosting services is the amount of up time that the provider promises. When there is downtime your website will be inaccessible and you will not be able to do business online. Cost is also a factor of course, and you need to make sure that your provider can handle the peaks of web traffic that your business experiences.

Why do I need a mobile version of my website?

These days many people access websites via their smartphones or mobile devices. Websites that have not been optimized for mobile do not display properly and are difficult for customers to use. Optimized websites for mobile display in a much more user friendly way and are significantly easier to navigate. Customers will be likely to click away and go elsewhere if you do not have a mobile website.

Why should I get mobile advertising?

A great many people now access the web via their mobile devices. While the technology is still relatively new, figures show that people are more likely to engage with mobile advertising than regular web advertising, so this can be a great approach for achieving marketing ROI.

What format are mobile ads delivered in?

There are a variety of different formats and eMarketing Concepts can talk through the options with you if you opt for this service. Options include text ad formats and rich media formats among others.

How do search engines decide which websites to show at the top of a search list?

Search engines use algorithms that they keep secret from the general public. Different search engines have different criteria and weight factors of importance differently as well. This means that search engine optimization is not an exact science. What is known is that it is important for websites to use keywords and keyword phrases that they can compete with. It is also necessary to show that the website is popular and relevant by having inbound links to the website.

What do search engines penalize?

Links that are purchased from so-called “link farms” are considered not acceptable. Equally, packing keywords into a website to the point that it is obnoxious to the user is also considered to be inappropriate. Websites that do this will be penalized in the search engines. EMS does not use these types of techniques.

If I sign up for SEO services with eMarketing Concepts, can you guarantee me a number one ranking?

Search engine optimization is not an exact science. Algorithms differ between search engines and they also change continually. We keep up to date with the latest information available, but it is never possible to guarantee a number one listing in any search engine.

What SEO methods does eMarketing Concepts use?

The first step that we take is to carry out a complete analysis of your website to highlight any problems. We will then take steps to fix broken links and improve the structure of links. We will look for inbound links that will be highly ranked by the search engines, and we will examine ways in which we can edit your text to improve your chances of being found. Combining SEO with approaches like social media marketing are also recommendable as this can raise the ranking of your site.

Do you tell us how to do the SEO or do you do the work?

Once we have agreed with you on the changes that need to be made, we do all of the work for you. That means you don’t have to worry about getting into the technical details or fuss of finding a developer to change your site.

Why should I do social media marketing – isn't it just a fad?

There are already more than one billion people on Facebook globally, and millions of people on Twitter, LinkedIn, Google+ and other social media websites. Your customers are already on social media and so are your competitors. That means you need to be too.

Which social media websites do you recommend that we use?

We work with a range of different social media websites that include Facebook, Twitter and Google+. We’ll talk through your objectives of your social media campaign to make sure that we target the right sites for your business to be able to achieve its goals and engage your customers.

Why should I choose eMarketing Concepts' social media services?

Our experts can develop the engaging and interactive content needed to grab the attention of customers. Our talent has years of experience and a continually updated depth of knowledge about what works and what doesn’t on social media. That means we can build a campaign that can draw customers to your business in a way that our competitors cannot mimic.

How does Facebook advertising work?

Facebook advertising is a pay per click system not unlike that of Google AdWords. You set a daily budget and advertisements according to how much you pay. Our expert social media campaign managers monitor your campaign on a day-to-day basis to ensure that it is running optimally.

Can you get me lots of likes for my Facebook profile?

Facebook likes are just one part of social media, but there are other aspects that are more important in grabbing customer attention. The key to an outstanding social media campaign is winning content, and this is a specialist area for us. Content is king and we develop a strategy for your business that draws your potential customers to interact on social media.

Why do I need a website if I am not selling anything online?

A website is a marketing tool that attracts customers to a business whether that business is online or offline. More than 50% of people search online to find any sort of business these days, including small local businesses. If you do not have a website, studies have shown that customers will be less likely to trust your business. Having a website adds gravitas to your organization.

I would like a website that grabs attention with flashy animation – can you do that?

We certainly can do that but it is not really recommended. A more appealing website for customers is one that is of a high quality that is easy to navigate.