Creating Content That Leads to Conversion

Social Media Optimization

The goal of a social media marketing campaign is not to simply share one piece of information that “goes viral” and makes a brief splash. When you are sharing photos, videos, links, blogs, and other forms of content on your social media channels, you should aim for a conversion. You want any and all customers, including would-be customers, to respond to your call-to-action. In order to help you get the conversion rate you desire, we have outlined five concrete ways to create great content that results in conversions.


First and foremost, you should look at your social media content as a solution to a problem. Write and share more effectively with your audience by doing the research first: find out what problem(s) they have. Browse the web, check social media, and interview existing clients to determine precisely how you can respond to the deficiency they have. For a real estate agent, for example, this might mean blog posts that go in depth about the schools, cuisine, culture, and weather of the region. Home buyers want to know as much as they can about the area they are moving into, and a smart real estate agent will fill that void.


Your content should have some meaning behind it, and the best way to do that is to put your heart into it! Share topics you are passionate about, and you will put yourself on the path to a greater profit. Great content will put you in the right direction of producing sales.


The third piece of advice we have to offer may be a given to some of you. You want to make sure what you share has substance. Rather than dangling a carrot in front of clients to bait them into something more, give them something valuable – something that they can sink their teeth into. The goal to keep in mind here is to make yourself relevant. The better your social media content, the more necessary they will perceive you to be. Ultimately, this means that you are selling yourself, as best as possible.


Perhaps the most important thing we can tell you here today is: Be the expert. Speak with authority, and with purpose, and you will encourage people to buy from you.


Last, but certainly not least: build a lasting relationship. This is why major corporations have teams of people working on their social media. They are generating a narrative in their posts that strings them together. More specifically, you should create content that causes another action. This could mean calling for your prospective clients to pick up the phone, or visit your landing page. The day of the one and done sales is long gone – it’s time to strap yourself in and dig in for the long haul.


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