it enineers in network server room

Web technology is continually changing and improving. A website that was built even five years ago will not be benefitting from technological solutions available today. In addition to this, at eMarketing Concepts, we often encounter websites that were not built optimally in the first place. With cumbersome navigation and heavy graphics, websites that seemed cutting edge a few years back are today slow and tedious for customers.


Are you aware that the hosting of your website can negatively influence your search engine performance? Websites that are slow to load are detrimental to the customer experience. Companies with slow and inefficiently loading websites find themselves penalized, not least because busy customers do not have time to wait. In this digital age they would rather go elsewhere where they can get what they need quicker… from your competitor. Search engines will also not favor slow loading websites, so this also has a detrimental impact on your ranking.


We can help to address this problem through hosting your website. Our hosting resources enable your website to be loaded far more efficiently. We also review ways in which your website could be improved to maximize load times, reducing customer frustration and bounce backs from your site. We review how and where data is stored and provide approaches to address the challenges your website faces.


Making your website available as often as possible is a major area of focus in providing this service. We consistently achieve uptime rates of 99.7%, so you can rely on our technology to support your business. We also emphasize platform stability, ensuring your customers have a reliable experience with your website each and every time you use it.


We will work with you to determine your hosting and storage needs. This will involve us understanding your business and times when you need more support than others. Through reviewing peaks, seasonality and other drivers that influence customer demand, we can make sure you have the storage in place for exactly when you need it. Our flexible approach also enables us to be able to support your business even when you experience exceptional and unexpected peaks in demand, to ensure a smooth running and streamlined experience for your customers.