Facebook Rules Supreme Again

Facebook Cracks the Mobile Advertising Code: What it Means for You

Facebook Rules Supreme Once Again

The ubiquity of mobile phones, and more specifically smart phones with internet access, has underscored the importance of mobile advertising. On July 31, social media giant Facebook revealed their latest earnings, and they were nothing short of impressive. Advertising on mobile devices now makes up 76% of the company’s total advertising revenue, to the tune of a cool $2.9 billion. The evidence is clear: Facebook has capitalized on their 1.49 billion monthly active users, effectively turning their affinity for the social media sharing website and monetizing it. Not only is Facebook taking full advantage of the market, but there appears to be no signs of slowing down. They have even taken carefully calculated steps to monetize their photo-sharing app, Instagram, by adding new ad formats and crafting better ways to target the more than 300 million users of Facebook’s popular younger sibling.


So just what does this mean for you, as a business owner? Well, this news is huge, and could spell major gains for business owners that run the gamut of industries in the United States and beyond. Allow us to explain.



Reach your Audience Online

In the past two decades, internet users have been finding the answers to life’s many problems by surfing the web. Since those early days businesses have been navigating their way through the web to determine the best ways to reach their respective customer bases. This latest development should invigorate business owners, and inspire them to strongly consider ramping up their Facebook advertising. The fact of the matter is that corporations across the country are realizing that their branding doesn’t have to stop with their own website, blog, or Instagram account. They can take their marketing fight to the battleground known as Facebook, and reap the benefits that come from speaking to such a large audience. Facebook has done a remarkable job of integrating ads into their scrolling News Feed, incorporating ad space between the social media posts of other users while also providing companies with the chance to carefully groom their advertising strategies. Business owners are able to hit the target demographics of their choice, and track who is clicking on their ads.



An Online Marketing Company to Do the Heavy Lifting

Countless business owners across the nation are unable to devote sufficient time to managing their online presence. From the logistics of managing a small business, to the hassles of overseeing employees – the responsibilities inherent in running a business can pile up quickly. Fortunately, an alternative exists, a way that these budding businesses can harness the power of the internet and generate interest in their goods and/or services. At eMarketing Concepts, we are experts in doing exactly that: helping companies establish themselves by using our full slate of internet marketing services. Our team routinely crafts Facebook advertisement campaigns that are geared to make a splash with their key demographics. Using a combination of imagery and well-written copy, we can speak to your audience, and entice them to visit your website and generate interest in your product/services.


So what are you waiting for? The time is ripe to make the investment with Facebook and take full advantage of their advertising campaigns, and we at eMarketing Concepts are more than happy to help!

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