Website Sales Calculator – FOR INTERNAL USE ONLY

Being able to forecast expenditures is important for every customer. You will now be able to use the following interactive calculator to help you give customers estimates for their website design expenses. This calculator will enable you to tabulate costs and provide customers with approximations that are more reliable. Once you’ve accurately entered the information provided to you by the customer, you can determine what will be the best deal available and thus continue to provide excellent customer service we can be proud of.


NOTE: This pricing calculator is to be used as a guide ONLY. When you need a quick and reliable quote for a website, the pricing calculator can be a very useful tool. As with any calculator, it can only be as accurate as the information that you enter into it. For example, if you enter 10 pages and the website actually has 20, your calculation is going to be quite off. While the Web Department encourages everyone to use this tool as often as you’d like, we also request that you verify your calculations with any of the Web Team Staff via chat or phone call before giving a client an exact figure. You can always tell the potential client that the figure you have given them is an estimate and that you’ll need to double-check with the Web Department. Alternatively, an even a more practical approach would be to just verify pricing first.


Keep in mind, the calculator was built to save time for both you and the Web Team. It is to be used as a Screening Tool. Using the calculator, you can get a feel of whether or not a potential client is willing to pay the amount you need to quote him. I’m hopeful that if used properly, we can eliminate all of the unnecessary phone calls/second voices that we get daily. For instance, if you use the calculator and determine that the cost is going to be $6,000 and the client only has $1,000 to spend, there no need for a second voice. You’ll need to work within the client’s budget or get them on a payment plan.


Thank you for your cooperation.